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Duplex Vera Natura

Vera Natura

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Cortijo La Zorra

(Puerto Lumbreras)

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Surroundings and nearby villages   (Puerto Lumbreras)

Cortijo La Zorra is situated in between Puerto Lumbreras and Velez Rubio. Both towns are reached  by car in about 15 minutes. Lots of restaurants and terraces are to be found in both Puerto Lumbreras and Velez  Rubio. For daily groceries as well as shopping both towns are very suitable.

Puerto Lumbreras is a lively small town at about 80 kilometres from the city of Murcia. The landscape in the surroundings of Puerto Lumbreras varies a lot.


From the lower plains where mainly intensive agriculture is committed to the highlands of the Cabezo the La Jara. This area  exists for a big part off  Mediterranean vegetation, such as pine trees and old olive-trees. Different birds of prey , such as the eagle owl are the occupants of this area. The region is particularly suitable for people who like to be surrounded by nature.

At about 10 minutes by car from Cortijo La Zorra you will find the town of Velez Rubio, which is still a original picturesque Spanish town. Here you can visit various different monuments like the Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la Encarnacion (picture next to text).

At Saturdays the streets of Velez Rubio host the colourful  weekly market.

Fachada principal de La Iglesia Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnación de Vélez-Rubio

Interior Iglesia Ntra. Sra. de la Encarnación. Vélez-Rubio (AL)

Fachada Este del Castillo

At 10 minutes from Velez Rubio you will find Velez Blanco. In Velez Blanco stands a beautiful Moorish Fort from which you can overlook the mountains and the national park.  In Velez Blanco are also various other historic monuments.  You can for example set out to see the wonderful petroglyphs.

Vista aérea del Castillo de Vélez-Blanco Oanorámica del castillo
Pinturas rupestres en Cueva de los Letreros

Lorca is situated at 10 minutes by car northeast of  Puerto Lumbreras en  is known for his baroque architecture. There are numerous beautiful churches, like the San Patricio, made in the 16th century , the El Carmen from the 18de century  in the style of rococo and the Santa Maria. 

Big parts of the Moorish fort are still standing. ( picture underneath) 




At  about  45 minutes from La Zorra lies Aquilas, which should be the nearest beach if you look at the map.

However, because the route to Vera drives way faster you will find yourself even quicker on the beaches of Vera Playa. Here a perfect 5 kilometre long naturist sandy beach  provides a perfect setting for a day at the beach. We prefer to visit this lovely large naturist beach, where you can also enjoy a lunch, drink or dinner at the naturist restaurants and  terraces  in the surrounding naturist area.

An option is to combine a day at the beach with a visit to the towns of Mojacar or Garrucha. 

In Vera you will also find a large waterslide park  Kids will have a blast here. After four p.m. you get a discount of 40%.

The little town of Garrucha was originally a fishing village and still has a market that is well worth visiting. 

At Friday morning you will find the week markets in the streets of the old town of Garrucha. In summer you can visit the charming evening market on the boulevard. In august you can visit the fair on the pier, which is open till very late in the evening.

You will also find lots of restaurants, especially fish-restaurants! 

A few miles along the coast you will find Mojacar strip with many restaurants, shops and hotel accommodation. Recently Mojacar gained a golf course.

Some kilometres inland from Mojacar strip you will find the old, picturesque Mojacar village situated on a hilltop.

You will enjoy your drink a lot more on the terraces here overlooking the coastline, preferably in the sunset. On Sunday mornings there is a lovely flee market and on Wednesday mornings is the week market at the soccer fields .

For daytrips you can visit for example Murcia, Granada with its beautiful impressive Alhambra, old Cartagena with its old roman remains  or Almeria.

People with a love for nature can visit various national nature parks, like the national park Cabo de Gata.














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