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Duplex Vera Natura

Vera Natura

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Cortijo La Zorra

(Puerto Lumbreras)

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Airports & Accessibility  (Vera Natura 10.1)

The most important nearby airports are:

Almeria at 90 kilometres from Vera Natura.

Alicante at 200 kilometres from Vera Natura.

Murcia at 130 kilometres from Vera Natura.


Car rentals are available from all these airports. If you want to rent a car it is advisable to arrange this with your travel agent prior to departure. You can book a rental car together with your flight at the same company. Many times this is the cheapest option.  Also do not forget your credit card if you do rent a car.

Vera Natura has so many places nearby that are well worth visiting that we do advise you to rent a car and enjoy your vacation a lot more by getting around!

From England the quickest way to get to Vera is to fly to Almeria airport. Alicante and Murcia are good alternatives. The flights on these two airports are more frequent.

If time allows you could drive from Calais to Vera, which is about 2.000,00 kilometres (1250 miles).
















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